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 Be yourself in your home.

– One Buddy Store –

One Buddy Store is a brand of LUXUS Retailer LLC that sells rugs, quilts that makes your home be more interesting. It is inspired by human love for the ‘space’ in which they live. We believe that the love and comfort of being in your own will be an endless source of inspiration for you to discover many exciting things.

Our story

The One Buddy Store team realizes that home is not only a place for people to live, home is also a place to return to after tiring days of studying and working. Therefore, the house plays a very important role in the development of mental health.

After a tiring working day,

We understand that you need an ideal space to rest and relax your soul. Therefore, One Buddy Store was established with the mission of bringing a comfortable living space – a unique living space for each customer.

One Buddy Store focuses on rug. One Buddy Store focuses on rug for home. Whether it’s a living room rug or a bedroom rug, we have the right product for your needs!

Our Customer

One Buddy Store wants you to express yourself in your home. This will be a living space full of love and wonderful experiences from living to sleeping. Let’s build a house with One Buddy Store where you can be yourself, and express your style and personality.

Our Mission

One Buddy Store’s mission is to provide the most unique and personalized quilts to millions of customers around the world. 

Business Philosophy

The joy of customers when owning a personal living space is the driving force for One Buddy Store to grow stronger and stronger.

Although only a young business, One Buddy Store always wants to give customers a great experience when shopping at One Buddy Store. We believe that you – our customers will be the most important part to maintain and develop the business.

Let’s be Buddy!

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